In this article, we are going to talk about how to stop eviction after a court order.

There are several ways to accomplish this task. Remember no method will stop an eviction forever, but pausing an eviction for a time will allow you certain benefits. 

Like saving up money to pay the rent balance in full. OR saving up money to get a new rental unit smoothly. Those are very worthwhile goals to achieve.

Can You Stop An Eviction After A Court Order?

Yes, it is often possible.

The real problem is that a judge has already given a judgment of eviction to the landlord. However, sometimes you were not there, as a tenant to defend yourself. This is called a “Default Judgment of Eviction.”

Other times, you were there at court and lost your side of the case. This is completely normal. Most of the time if the issue is non-payment of rent, then unless the rent is paid, the landlord will win.

But you can delay the eviction process and buy some time by working with Stop Eviction Consultants. Let’s get to it.

Use a Stop Eviction Service

In major cities in California, there are local offline services that help people stop evictions. They may even contact you through the mail. It’s usually a few hundred dollars to stop your eviction for 30 days or more. That is not bad when you pay much more in rent for 30 days.

If you don’t live in a major city OR don’t have these offline stop eviction services in your area, then you can talk to one of our agents in Stop Eviction Consultants.

File the forms yourself to stop your eviction.

We have heard of people doing this. However, it depends upon your knowledge of the country court system. If you are not comfortable with the local courts, then using one of the methods above would be preferable.

Fix the reason for eviction in the landlord demand letter

Before a court eviction can begin, there is always a landlord demand letter. Usually, this is called the “pay or quit” letter, or a “notice to vacate”. There should be a reason for eviction spelt-out in the landlord demand letter.

If you are being evicted for pets, drugs, extra people in the rental unit, or loud music, etc, then you can usually cure the problem by taking action to change that breach in the rental agreement by working with us at Stop Eviction Consultants.

Fight the eviction

When you have proof the lease wasn’t broken, you can present that evidence to a judge. Thus, a court fight with evidence displayed from both sides. Make sure you have documented evidence for your side of the case.

We have seen eviction cases where the tenant paid the rent normally using money orders. Yet the landlord claims the rent was not paid and doesn’t issue a receipt.

The judge may see that as a scheming landlord trying to get more money from the tenant if the money orders were cashed. There may be actual damages beyond just the rent money.

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