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stop eviction Pasadena  ca

Stop Eviction Pasadena

Stop Your Eviction in Pasadena

As an Pasadena tenant, you have rights and we can help you fight for them!

Stop Eviction Consultants is here for you. We understand that this is a very stressful and emotional time. Our devotion is invested in getting you the best possible results. We are focused on educating you of your rights and giving you the time you need to save money and find a new home in Pasadena .

We are a licensed and bonded Unlawful Detainer Assistant who can help get you the time you need to save money, relocate to a new home and not fall victim to the emotional and financial scarring a home eviction can cause.

Don’t fall victim to bullying landlords! Get informed and know what can legally be done and what can’t be legally done by your landlord in an effort to get you evicted. Don’t waste another minute, you have options! If you live in Pasadena and are facing an eviction notice, contact us today at (323) 501-6939

Stop Your Eviction in Pasadena Today!

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Stop Eviction Pasadena

Don't waste a minute more

If you're facing eviction, we can help. Call us BEFORE receiving the sheriff's 5-day notice to vacate!
CALL US NOW AT (714) 400-4214
stop eviction Pasadena  ca