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An amazing and thorough team. They had my back

Went through a rough time with our landlord. Was falling behind with the numerous “hidden late charges and fees”. Couldn’t hang on and began to fall behind. Clearly they wanted us out earlier than the lease ended. We tried to work with the leasing company but they kept charging more fees and even more fees. Had no where to turn but found John Torres with StopEvictionConsultants and it changed the Grimm outcome for me and my family. He kept in close contact with me, prepared the court documents and got the leasing company to work with us and prevent an eviction from showing in our record. This company is amazing and really works hard for you. I would and will recommend StopEvictionConsultants to anyone that is going through this terrible ordeal. There is hope and a team dedicated to helping the little guy out !!!

David M, 5/13/2019

Very helpful

I am extremely thankful to them they are very helpful and worked with me and my family in our time of need everything was very easy to do they explained everything and was there if I needed to call with questions thank you again

Carmelinda, 5/10/2019

John Torres is a GOD sent.

After an exausting serch for legal advice we started to panic, facing eviction alone is the worst feeling. But a friend from work referd us to Stop Eviction Consultants. “Wow…what a game changer. He called us right away ,and guided us threw the entire process. and had our paperwork filed before we even got off the phone… John Torres is trully a good sent. He’s honest and trustworthy. Thanks again John.

Frank W, 1/28/2019

Great service

I am well pleased with John’s services. I had never experienced an eviction and did not know what to expect. John walked me through the process. He was always polite and friendly. I had lots of questions and he kindly answered them all. John is on your side and is for your best interest. His services are affordable. If you are facing an eviction and don’t know where to start, call John and he will educate you on the process. Thank you John for your dedicated service.

S.A., 12/28/2018

I never believed that this could happen to me but I received an eviction notice from my landlord during a family emergency. After looking online and speaking to several people, I spoke to John Torres. His honesty, professional advice and compassion was clear and we became his clients. I appreciate that over the holidays John was there to answer our questions and take care of business. For anyone going through the stress of eviction or foreclosure, put your trust in all the reviews and call John Torres. He has your back like nobody else – I am glad that we chose him. He is great.

Cindy M. 1/6/2017

John Torres is a great guy very professional I’ve never ben in this situation before. And he helped me alot he goes beyond to help you . Thanks again john.

Hector R. 6/8/2016

I had been served a unlawful detainer and had no ideal what to do about it until I called jhon and he was more then helpful he explained everything that could and would happen I asked for help he was more then helpful got me all documents on time so I could fix my eviction always answered my calls and emails I would recommend his services to anyone

Christine E. 4/14/2016

This is the first time I have ever had to use this type of service and I was very concerned that it would not work. But John was very supportive, explained the process in detail and assured me if we followed the correct legal steps, it would give me the time I needed to save money to find a new place. Happy to say, everything worked out just as he promised. Thanks John!

Robert M. 4/14/2016

I was lost but now i’m found… Like the good book said. After receiving the eviction notice didn’t really know what to do. I was praying for guidance then i just tried google and just type in eviction and there it was John Torres site. I believe it was answered prayer. The next day i came to see John…it was quick and very informative. The next thing i know all is taking care of… I was lost but i found the solution. God bless you John.

Gil C. 3/24/2016


Donald A. 3/22/2016

Stop Eviction Consultants is a company you can trust. John went through the eviction process with me and was very professional. He prepared the documents we needed to help us with our eviction and took the stress off of us at this very difficult time. Would recommend his services to anyone needing help with their eviction!

AJ T. 3/5/2016

We get an eviction notice from our landlord. We do a lot of research online to look for a place to help us out. We pick True Sources Financial and they are very trustworthy. Their price is very reasonable. They did a good job and they did what they told us they would do. You can trust them. We give them a 5-star rating. We will recommend them to our friends when they need help.

Tom V. 12/31/2015

John and True Source were my lifesaver. I have never been evicted, and knew nothing about the process. John answered all my questions, with no hesitation. He walked me through the process, and was very efficient on the paperwork. I’m thankful that True Source Finical was here for my family, giving us the help and time we need to save ACD find a new home. Five stars all around.

Kory H. 10/12/2015

John did everything he said he would. All of the documents were prepared when needed and all the costs were covered in the one time fee. I would recommend John to any who need eviction assistance. He was honest from the start and not out to get my money as other companies were. He gave me the time to save money and to find a new home for my family. Thanks again John!

AI F.10/12/2015

John at Stop Eviction Consultants did everything he promised and more. I called him in a panic and he calmed my nerves by calmly letting me know how the eviction process worked and what my options were to get help. He did this all for no charge before I even signed up! His company is a class 1 company and I would recommend his services to anyone needing eviction help. Thanks John for getting us what we needed at a crucial and scary point in our lives.

Mike W. 8/11/2016

I had the pleasure of dealing with John Torres on my case. John made me feel very comfortable from the start and answered all my questions. He gave me advice that I followed. The outcome of my case is I had two weeks to move, no judgement, did not have to pay the owner back rent, attorney fees or court fees due to mentioning I had filed for bankruptcy. I am very pleased with John’s advice and his professionalism at all times. I highly recommend John.

Cindy R. 6/20/2016

Lost my job and received an eviction notice from my landlord. Searched Google and found Johns business. Called John and his response was friendly and immediate. He put the paperwork together right away and was always available (even On weekends) to answer my questions. I could not have made a better choice. He took care of everything for me and his fees were reasonable. Kept me in my apt for a few months until I found work again and could move. If you need help there is only one person to call and that is John Torres Thanks, Michael

Michael R. 5/27/2016

I was facing the eviction crisis and looked on the web for help with evictions. I came across True Sources Financial online. I called and spoke with John Torres. John was very sincere about the entire process and more detailed about my specific case. I only had very little time and I felt good in my heart about working with John. Right away, I was so impressed with his service and compassion that I was able to calm down emotionally about the process. Throughout the process, he is extremely responsive to any questions you may have. John knows his work!!! In working him, I was able to receive more time to continue to save up more money as well! I really appreciate him and highly recommend that you call John True Sources Financial to help you through your process. Thanks so much John!!!

Felicia A. 7/27/2015

John helped me tremendously in my time of need. I never expected to be in a situation in which being evicted was a possibility. Due to life’s unforeseen circumstances, I was facing eviction. John helped me and kept me calm during the process. I was able to work out a settlement with the landlord and stay in my apartment. Without John’s timely assistance, I’m not sure what I would have done!

CS 3/20/2016

When eviction hits home you gotta call john. Very helpful.John is all about helping and getting you through it. He will keep a roof over you and your love ones.He is very honest and he’ll work with you. This man is amazing when it comes to keeping your home and the sheriffs away from your door. Thanks to him I was able to get the time I needed to get my family a new place and thanks to him and how fast he work we won our case in court. That’s why WHEN EVICTION HITS HOME YOU GOTTA CALL JOHN.

Marvin M. 3/5/2016

John Torres is the best. He was able to give us the extra time we needed. He was always available when we had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend him.

Linda C. 12/31/2015

John Torres is a very knowledgeable individual when it comes to the full process of evictions. When another company left me legally exposed, prior to my court date, I contacted this website as was introduced to John Torres. Even thou he was unable to take my case due to time sensitivity, he helped and advised me every step of the way. Because of John, I won my case without an attorney. Based on this alone, John is a good person because he did not have to assist me. I would refer anyone in a Landlord / Tenant situation to this company, and please ask for John Torres!!

Temekia N. 11/24/2015

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